The “New York Lottery”

No I am not talking about something you can pick up at a bodega or news stand on the corner. I am referencing the Broadway lottery of theatre tickets! The one thing that can get New Yorkers rushing to Times Square in the middle of a snow storm. Winning tickets to a show you’ve been dying to to see for a reduced price is one of the few events which can make being in a subway as packed as a can of sardines, fighting through a sea of Elmo’s and Olaf’s, and dealing with obnoxious tourists with their selfie sticks worth while.

Lucky for me I was one of the winners of a lottery for reduced price tickets to see Kristin Chenoweth’s “My Love Letter to Broadway”, which is only on Broadway for 12 performances! Yes, only twelve!! Needless to say I immediately bought my tickets and re-scheduled the rest of my evening to coordinate these plans.

After seeing this performance the only thing I can say is, I hope everyone has the opportunity to get tickets to this event! In my opinion, it’s way more worth while than fighting for Hamilton tickets! Kristin lights up the stage and gives her audience a beyond memorable evening. She not only interacts with the crowd, asking where they are from, making jokes about where they’re from; whether it be: two blocks away, who she thanked for walking “two-whole blocks”, jersey, in which she commented that she had the best pound cake of her life there, Denver, when she proceeded to ask if they were “living the high life” in a silly voice, or the Upper East Side (note: these people were late to the show), in which she joked about them being entitled.

Kristin informed her audience that she changes her show every night. She has a new choir of high schoolers every evening to allow them to make their Broadway debut, as well as different guest appearances, tributes to loved ones, silly stories, and songs. Kristin danced around stage, blew the crowd away with her astonishing voice, pretended to nap on the piano, brought herself to tears, pretended to be a diva and seductive, and of course thanked the crowd numerous times for spending the evening with her. Her goal was to make it apparent that not only was she aware how far she has come, but that she could not have been where she is now if it weren’t for all of her supporters. She even explained she prefers to rent small, dirty, practice rooms to remind herself of how everything was when she first started.

Kristin is a powerhouse. She’s not just a triple threat; sure she can sing, dance, and act, but she can also connect with crowds, is witty and can think of comedic responses in a split second, humble, admits humility, caring, and genuinely wants to ensure her fans have an amazing evening. I left her show on cloud nine with a bounce in my step and smile on my face. Few stars can have that affect on their supporters in such a genuine and non-superficial way. Kristin is most definitely one of the few and I cannot thank her enough for giving me an evening to remember!

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