Album Release Party for Idina Menzel

New York City is filled with endless opportunities. I’m a firm believer in the statement “if you’re bored in New York it’s your own fault”. Even beyond that New York offers opportunities you couldn’t imagine. One of which, for me, was attending Idina Menzel’s album release party for her new cd “idina” (go get it now, it’s amazing!) at the Brooklyn Bowl.

Tickets were free (I know, incredible for such a talented artist!), and the venue was huge. Idina performed about 6 songs from her album and was genuine with the crowd. She danced around on stage, was honest about the fact that certain songs were more emotional than others and it was her first time singing it, and, of course, showed her true personality when she told a guy screaming in the crowd to “shut the fuck up” because it was her night.

I’ve always loved Idina Menzel. I was fortunate enough to see her as the original Elphaba in Wicked twice and attend a cd singing, as Elizabeth in If/Then twice, attend two of her concerts, and of course have watched Rent so many times that I could probably play the roles of all the main characters. Now, I can change seeing her in concert to three times after having attended her album release party.

Idina was honest in stating that this album came from 4 very hard years in her life. She experienced divorce, having to explain that to her child, a high from Frozen and everything that followed, but also many other lows. Idina is someone I look up to, she is someone that is very much so herself, and who is honest about the fact that sometimes she has days when she does not want to get out of bed. She is very accepting and has worked hard to get to where she is in life. She consistently tells the stories of her as a wedding singer, and how thankful she was when Jonathan Larson gave her her big break in Rent.

New York brings you opportunities you could never imagine. Whether its at an album release party or on the subway you never know who you may meet. My advice to anyone moving to New York, or even who already lives here, or is visiting is get out! Sure it’s okay to have a few days in but take that train to Brooklyn to see your favorite performer! Sign up for the e-mails to find out about what’s happening in the city! Explore new areas, attend events, yes even if you’re alone!

New York has the ability to bring people closer to their dreams if they work for it. Whether they are professional or simply to meet an idol, New York has the potential to help you accomplish it. But in order for New York to be able to work its magic, you need to put yourself out there! As my mom says: “if you don’t go, you don’t know”.

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