Embrace Your Wanderlust & Support Local Artists

I think a common thing for all twenty-somethings is the fact that they want to travel, but don’t have the money to do so.

This weekend I explored the East Village and did my own walking tour of the 100 painted gates. I’ve recently had the urge to travel and embrace my wanderlust. I daze off in class, while the professor is trying to get the computer to work, imagining if I were in Marseille, Reykjavik, Florence, or anywhere to take me on an adventure. But let’s be honest, I do not have the money for that, I wait an hour before ordering something on Seamless to ensure it’s something I actually want to spend the money on.

My solution? I’ve taken it upon myself to find wonderful adventures in my own city! My first was exploring the Lower East Side, in daylight of course because I can never seem to find my way at night down there.

I read about the 100 painted gates online and found a map of all of the locations. Unfortunately the two that I was most excited to see (one with elephants, and one that said “all you need is love”) were pulled up, as the restaurants were still open. However, this drove me towards an even more exciting adventure as I wandered through Ludlow, Orchard, Essex, Grand, Allen, and Broome, searching for the next piece of art.

Two of my favorites can be seen above. The bursting wheel of colors was still a work in progress but I found it to be beautiful! The other had written on it “love is love” with an equality sign and two broken hearted bunny looking designs. At first I thought it was just kind of cool, but then I posted the image on Instagram and someone came across it and tagged the artist. I then posted a comment to him giving the artist credit and was fortunate enough to learn more about this amazing creation. He informed me it was originally made during pride month to show support for the LGBTQ community and how the piece incorporates a lot of his signature designs and characters.

When traveling the world you can meet interesting people and become inspired by what surrounds you, but we often forget we can also do this in our own cities. I have now made a connection with an incredibly talented artist who lives 7 subway stops away from me, and who I can support locally. I have learned his story and cannot wait to share it with the world!

Check out @HerestheGYST on Instagram and look at my most recent post to find a link to his page and explore his work!

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