Black is Our Power Color

This morning I woke up and did not want to get out of bed. I tried to think of numerous excuses not to get to work, but remembered I needed to submit my hours to get paid for the week today, so I knew I had to get my ass up. I mimicked a zombie as I washed my face, brushed my teeth, did my makeup, made and ate breakfast, then double checked in the mirror to remember whether or not I had actually applied my makeup. After completing all of those tasks it was time to get dressed. I pulled out my phone, checked the weather and…YES!!! The temperature was in the mid to low 60’s! What did that mean? Leather jacket season is upon us!

I immediately pulled  out my favorite go-to, all black outfit: pointed-toe Restricted zip-up short boots, stretchy Vince Camuto pants, a patent leather belt with a silver buckle, a charcoal v-neck from Old Navy that’s been washed and re-washed so many times it’s that perfectly soft cotton texture, a silver Brandy Melville double-layered arrow necklace, black and silver Michael Kors sunglasses, a Kensie leather tote, and of course my black Harper Greene leather jacket.
As I walked down the street listening to Shannon Beveridge’s September Spotify playlist, through black earbuds of course, I could not help but feel empowered. I knew my outfit was perfectly coordinated, I was wearing a color I was comfortable in, and honestly I felt like a badass. But not just any badass, a badass New Yorker.
My outfit was the New Yorker’s signature color, I strutted through the street on my way to work with the confidence that I could get there blindfolded if need be, with my music playing just loud enough to make me feel like I had my own soundtrack playing, but of course not loud enough where the person beside me could hear the song (take note teeny boppers!).
In New York one will often see most people dressed in black. It’s not because we want to reflect the color of our souls…well not for most anyway, it has a deeper meaning. Black of course goes with everything, and for the New Yorker we are often always rushing around, we need to be able to easily piece together outfits and wear something that won’t become stained on our walk to work. Most importantly, it’s classic, there are the few people in the city that will walk around in Fashion Week’s newest trends, but New Yorkers have learned not to dress like the models on the catwalks, dress like the designers. Designers understand classic style, this includes well managed sneakers with a pair of pants and a simple white tee, to the all black outfit. Black is timelessly chic and will NEVER go out of style (sorry orange, pink, green, and every other color that claims to be “the new black”.
I believe New Yorkers also wear black because it exudes a form of confidence. It shows that we can handle a color that is darker than any other. We can rock an outfit of all one color, or even various shades of one color. It is not something that will be seen as boring like the groufit. It is effortlessly empowering.
Black takes a certain personality to be able to pull off, and it just so happens that there’s a little piece of that in every New Yorker.

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