Good Morning New York

I’ll always be the first to admit I am not a morning person. On the weekends I am rarely awake before 11 am, and on the weekdays when I have to be up early for work or class you can bet I am a zombie for those first two hours. But today was different; today I woke up at 6 am and could not fall back asleep. By 6:30 I decided to just get up and start my day.

I figured since I am awake and have class until 9 pm tonight I might as well treat myself to coffee. I then proceeded to walk to 50th & 5th to stop by St. Patrick’s Cathedral, a church that is very near and dear to my heart, then walk up and, as I say, “pull an Audrey”, having breakfast at Tiffany’s. Then I walked along Central Park South and strolled through Central Park with my coffee in hand, smiling at the numerous dogs on their morning walks.

PRO TIP: If you’re a dog person but, like me, can’t afford to have a dog in this city go for a walk in Central Park between 6:45-8am near the Central Park South and Columbus Circle entrances of the park. I must’ve passed over 100+ dogs, one of which walked along side me and I consider to be my newest friend.I still had an extra half hour before I would normally wake up in the morning, so I walked across the street to the center of Columbus Circle, and took the photo above.

I learned today that some of the most beautiful sights are often during the hours when others are asleep. Watching the sun rise over the city, and the morning sun bounce off the skyscrapers I swore I felt as if I was in a picturesque moment straight out of a film. In the early mornings when it seems as though only the business men and women, construction workers, and police are awake is when the city is at peace. The tourists have not yet risen, aka you can walk down the sidewalks without bumping into anyone or getting frustrated over someone’s walking speed. To put it bluntly, only the New Yorkers are out.

So, if there’s a day you can’t seem to fall asleep grab a coffee and go for a walk. Enjoy the beauty of the sun rising over the city! But remain alert and stay in active areas where the business people are heading to work or walking their dogs so you are not in a desolate location. But sometimes there’s nothing better to start a day than taking in a city before it has fully arisen.

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