Sometimes You Have to Pick Your Head Up

While walking to my hair appointment at Fox & Jane in the East Village last week, by the way Candace works wonders, I came across this beautiful billboard. But, I wouldn’t have seen it if I continued to look down at my phone. I only saw this beautiful masterpiece because I glanced up before crossing the street, and even then it was once I was halfway across the street, losing focus of this image, that I noticed it.

I thought to myself, “wow I would’ve seen that from halfway down the block if I was more attentive”. I decided to keep my head up while I was walking back, and more importantly fully see this billboard in its entirety.

On my walk back I noticed so many more things, funny graffiti written on the side of buildings, interesting stickers, unique street art. I noticed the intriguing amateur art of New York City and was fascinated by how much I missed.

I’ve taken this as a reminder to keep my head up. I’ve always been attentive to my surroundings, especially in terms of safety, but now I am appreciative of all I pass when I am adventuring through the city. I’ve learned, if your head is glued to a device you never know what amazing things you may be missing out on.

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