Plans Unexpectedly Change for the Better

This Labor Day weekend I was planning to escape the city and visit home, along the shore, with my family. Unfortunately a tropical storm warning got in the way of that. But rather than let the storm ruin my plans, I found something else to do.

I woke up Saturday morning…okay, afternoon. It was 12:35 pm but in my mind it was still the morning! Anyway, I woke up to a text from my friend Sam who had just moved into the Financial District to come over and enjoy mimosas on her roof. I initially responded apologizing, saying that I just woke up and I didn’t want to hold them up, but luckily everyone else had just woken up too and wasn’t planning on arriving until 2:30-ish in the afternoon.

I quickly got ready, and by quickly I mean I was fully dressed and ready to go by 3pm, and headed downtown on the subway to Fulton St. station. First, let me start by saying anyone who can easily maneuver their way around downtown god bless you! I walked back and forth down Beekman trying to figure out how to get to Water. By the time I finally got to Water I couldn’t figure out which shop my friend lived above for the life of me! Thankfully she came downstairs and, needless to say I marveled at her spacious apartment which not only had air conditioning, but also an elevator, one and a half bathrooms, three bedrooms, a dishwasher, a washer and dryer, this GORGEOUS rooftop (seen below), OH and she somehow wasn’t paying an arm and a leg! You can bet your ass I begged her to let me know if any apartment opens up in this building, or if any of her roommates consider moving out.

We arrived on the rooftop at 3:30 pm and wasted the day away drinking mimosas, eating pizza, playing card games, listening to music, and laughing so much our conversations barely involved any talking. We didn’t leave the roof until around 9:30 pm, and even at that point it was only because a few people had to get home for the (New York) usual things…you know: getting to the bar before they start charging cover fees, unpacking after a last minute trip returning from Europe, and getting ready for a blind date, praying the guy wouldn’t be a dud, or worse, a tourist.

After our three friends left Sam and I decided to revel in the evening, returning to the roof to listen to our newly obsessed Spotify playlist and look back and forth between the Brooklyn Bridge and the Freedom Tower, reflecting on how fortunate we both were to take in that scenery.

If there’s anything I’ve learned from this it’s that sometimes your plans get dismantled, but don’t get upset. It just means that an even more wonderful adventure lies ahead for you, so open your eyes and take up whatever unique opportunity is thrown your way. It just may be something unfathomably breathtaking.

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