Do You Really Know Those in Your Life?

Yesterday while walking across the Brooklyn Bridge I found out that one of my best friends not only served in the military, but in numerous branches. I have known her for over two years and never knew this fact about her. She enlisted when she was 18 and served in numerous countries and numerous branches. She had seen things I could never have even imagined and a completely different side of her was revealed to me.

I then learned she wanted to re-enlist and train to be an officer, dedicating another 16 years of her life to the military, then hoping to work for the government. I heard stories of her deployments, was educated on what basic training entails (only to an extent), and learned about what her role was. I never knew about this side of someone I consider to be my best friend.

My friendships are often the type where I pick up where I leave off with someone. When we call, face-time, or are lucky enough to be in person, because we live in different states on opposite ends of the United States, we talk. But other than that we do our own thing and reach out when we have a problem or something emotional is occurring.

Discovering this new side of my friend allowed me to see a different side of her. I gained so much respect and felt as though, not only was I deepening my friendship with her, but also almost meeting a new person. I am even more thankful for her presence in her life and am now aware to keep her in my prayers even more than I did before.

When I asked why she never shared this fact with me she said it was because she didn’t want to brag. I never considered it bragging but to her it was a side that, if it came up, she would share, but if not then so be it. Which I then realized I am one of the lucky ones to know her not only as her friendly self that many know, but also as a protector of our country.

So now I ask you, do you truly know everyone in your life? Is there a story untold, or a side of someone you consider yourself to be close with that maybe you don’t know? I encourage you to ask and learn more about those in your life, because you never know what you may learn!

(My best friend and I on an adventure yesterday)


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