My Last First Day

As back to school is around the corner, for me it is quite literally in 12 hours, there is always that question of “what do I wear”. Unfortunately, for college students, with the way our schedules are broken up that question is usually stretched across a three day period. After about 20 years of first days I’ve finally perfected the science of a back to school outfit, of course in my last year. The formula? Style + Comfort + Favorite element = success!

(scroll down to see my outfit in full)

Now to explain the formula. Style: wear something that is flattering to your body, something that is form fitting in the elements you wish to accentuate, and loose in the areas you wish to disregard. For me that is a tank top (on day’s I’m not bloated of course), and bell bottom pants, accentuated with a simple necklace. Comfort: both items of clothing are not only incredibly soft, but also very stretchy! Which means full range of motion as I sprint up the stairs a few minutes before class stars and am not constantly shifting the fabric clenched in certain areas of my body. Finally, a favorite element: everyone has something in their closet that they love, whether it is a statement necklace, pair of shoes, purse, new blouse that highlights the definition in your arms, whatever! For me, due to the fact that I LOVE turquoise, it happens to be these pants. I always smile when I look down and see my favorite color, and know that it’s just the perfect amount of a pop of color to balance my outfit. Also they’re incredibly unique and help me feel special.

This formula is a recipe for success. Now go plan out your outfit that fits this criteria, but don’t over-stress because at the end of the day it’s all about how YOU feel!


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