The Key to a Healthy Relationship

I believe it is ironic that most people in their twenties today post their relationships online in a way to validate their feelings. But in reality the true love is in those other relationships, where little acts like this aren’t followed by an Instagram post, but by the other person radiating happiness and showing their thanks to the person they love. Not the people of the masses.

My father recently traveled to Tarpon Springs and returned home by surprising my mother’s with her favorite soaps as she was down to the last sliver of her final bar. My mom was incredibly thankful and could not stop telling my dad how thoughtful it was. This act was not prompted by the idea of a post on social media or a rush after to take a great photo, but because he genuinely wanted to make her happy and ensure she continued to have her favorite soap. Little acts of kindness out of true compassion are the key to a long-lasting relationship.

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