This past weekend I saw Flume perform in New York City with three of my closest friends and, honestly, it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. We not only had pit tickets, but also backstage and VIP passes. Although, we could have not had them and I still would have had an incredible time.

The night was filled with dancing energetically and singing lyrics at the top of my lungs with three amazing people! There’s nothing quite just being at a concert and feeling the vibe of a crowd, especially with people whose presence you truly enjoy by your side. It was a moment when nothing else mattered. All the other thoughts that have weighed on my mind over the past few days vanished. The only concerns I had were “what song was playing” and “wow I’m so thankful I was able to come tonight”.

That night was the perfect end to the summer, and just the reminder I needed before I left for school, that I need to be more appreciative of my friends and place a greater value to my time with them. We often place a heavy emphasis on things that bother us or stress us out, especially when we are in a time of change in our life, such as your senior year when an evolutionary moment is arising. But this concert reminded me to be thankful of those who genuinely have good intentions for me, as I for them, and remember to make time for them, both to focus on their lives but also appreciate my time with them while I have it!

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