Start Your Day with a Sunrise

I think it is safe to say that Friday (evening) through Sunday are everyone’s favorite days of the week, but Monday through Friday (morning) always seem to drag on! Whether it’s because you’re working, at school, or doing something else that occupies the weekdays, it is incredibly difficult to get up in the morning. Unfortunately for me that’s because it is difficult for me to fall asleep at night, yet I have to be out of bed by 7:15 am every morning. Which, when you do the math, does not allot for a large amount of time dedicated to actually sleeping. I’ve tried sleeping medicine, drinking cold water in the morning, exercise, tea, and coffee, but honestly, sometimes I still can’t help but feel like a zombie. My solution? I’ve accepted the fact that some days I just won’t be well rested, but the best way to turn my day around is to go out and see the sunrise or, if you’re really not a morning person, the sunset.

I grew up along the shore and remember my mom constantly saying “there’s nothing more beautiful than the views of nature, a painting or photo wouldn’t be able to capture these colors”. This was usually said while looking out over the ocean, witnessing the sky become a mixture of beautiful shades of pink, blue, purple, orange, and yellow, as the sun dipped above or below the horizon. Needless to say I have the same perspective as my mother. The beauty of a sunrise or sunset, especially over the ocean is something that can immediately put me at ease and draw a smile upon my face.

The photos above were taken in: Milford, Connecticut (left), Long Branch, New Jersey (top right), and Newfound Lake, New Hampshire (bottom right). I highly recommend visiting these three locations!

When visiting Newfound Lake, New Hampshire order ice cream from The Big Catch in Bristol, then walk across the street and enjoy it while sitting along the shore watching the sunset.

When visiting Long Branch, New Jersey stop by Rook Coffee and order a coffee, my favorite is the Honduras with skim milk and 2 Splendas or a regular iced coffee, and flat bagel with cream cheese to-go and enjoy it while walking along the boardwalk with all the lovely locals.

Finally, when visiting Milford, Connecticut stop by Ray and Mike’s in Hamden and pick up sandwiches, my personal favorite is their eggplant parmesan, and have a picnic by the pier.

Most importantly, no matter the location, start your day with an adventure, taking in the beauty of nature!


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