Who am I? & Who I am

Let me start by introducing myself, my name is Megan and I currently live in New York City and am in my early twenties. If anyone reading this is also in their early twenties, or just isn’t in an established time of your life yet, then welcome to “Here’s the GYST”. GYST stands for get your shit together, and as someone who is not yet established in life that is something I am constantly telling myself. I feel as though people should still be asking me “so who do you want to be when you grow up”, not assuming that I’m already at that stage of my life. Needless to say this recurring thought inspired me to create this blog.

I’ve broken it into sections that I myself want to know, so that’s what this is, a journey where I research topics, ideas, or things to do and share them with you! The sections are “wanderlust”: a section of adventures that I myself will go on that I can afford on a twenty-something year old budget, “thoughts”: a place for me to reflect on an idea that popped into my head during the day which may inspire you, “smiles” a place that both you and I can always go to in order to find inspiring quotes, random acts of kindness I witnessed, and, more often than not, photos of my dog which will hopefully evoke smiles. There will also be “love life”: posts where I discuss my own experience or perspective on events in relationships, “get crafty”: photos and videos of wall decor, gifts, gift ideas, or DIY projects that I will make myself, but will not be expensive, “legal-ish”: explanations of human rights depending on states, employee handbooks, gym contracts, basically anything that requires your signature or which may affect your employment eligibility which you and I may not know for certain, “nothing to wear”: photos of outfits I’ve put together for various occasions which can even act as a go-to style book. Also, “New York livin'”: things that are peculiar to living in New York, and helpful tips for out of town-ers, and finally, playlist: songs that I currently have on repeat.

I hope that as I begin to educate myself and document getting my shit together (for lack of better words), this blog can also become a learning device for others!

If you have any suggestions for posts within any of these sections please message me on Twitter @heresthegyst

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